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  • a dandelion seed; nature’s pom pom
  • to dream; to wish; to go where the wind takes you
  • origin: Eloise-speak 2007

{An art & design studio in the North Eastern suburbs of Melbourne Australia}


Hello! I’m Susannah and I have too many books need more bookshelves! I live and work in Briar Hill, a leafy suburb North East of Melbourne.

I’ve always enjoyed making and creating, collecting and dreaming. A true bower bird by nature. I have a keen interest in social history and a growing collection of ‘found’ and ‘vernacular’ photography with a particular interest in pastimes – trips to the seaside, fairs and fetes, fancy dress balls, roller skating, reading in the garden, picnics, waterfalls and cups of tea! I can’t always pinpoint what draws me to a photograph. Sometimes it’s as simple as the person gazing back at me in black and white ‘speaking to me’, transporting me into another world.

Growing up in The Blue Mountains west of Sydney, I used to imagine being an artist, a fashion designer, a writer, a photographer – always something with a creative heart and a story to tell. Upon graduating university I quickly found my niche as a Book Designer, and over the years have had the pleasure of working in the Publishing Industry with some wonderfully talented people.

In 2019 I desperately felt the need to relight my creative spark and began a visual arts immersion course at the Northern College of Arts and Technology (It is even called ‘Create’ – beautiful serendipity!). It has been a special and life changing experience with a wonderful bunch of like minds and teachers – painting, printmaking, collage, mixed media, photography – that creative spark is well and truly ignited!


I have a Bachelor of Design: Visual Communication (with honours) Majoring in Photomedia and I have been actively working in the publishing industry as a Book Designer for over two decades. I freelance from my studio in Briar Hill. To read more about the design services I offer and to view my folio pop across here:


Don’t hesitate to get in touch or leave a comment if you see something that piques your interest. I am always keen to connect with like minded folk.