Sally and Sue: Where Are You?

December 25th 1976. I was 3. This was the Christmas I received the ‘Sally and Sue’ orange A-Frame lake house complete with motor boat and log campfire. Oh how I loved this doll house! It was sold at a garage sale when I was in high school when I wasn’t really thinking about having girls of my own to pass it down to. I have never ever seen one again and can’t even find reference to it online anywhere. Where are you Sally and Sue?

This was also about the time I have a very clear memory of walking near the Glenbrook Lagoon and a lady telling my Mum what a “lovely little boy” I was. It’s funny what you remember. And I remember feeling rather mad!

(this article originally appeared over at Butterflyrocket Jan 1st 2010)

EDIT (July 2015): Exciting! After all these years I have finally discovered that this dollhouse was made by Marx and called The Mountain House – Le Chalet.  The images online have bought back so many memories! The rug, the speedboat, the fireplace, the pile of firewood, the kitchen sink…now to find one (or win lotto first as they do not run cheap!)

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