Bush Hammock

The longer I look at this incredible photo the more I love it. A moment in time captured over 100 years ago. A bush hammock. Two women. Friends? Sisters?

Unfortunately I know nothing about it. The reverse side is completely blank. It was purchased in Australia. The bushland foliage looks very Australian to me (but perhaps someone keen on botany can take a closer look and confirm because I could be totally incorrect!). The fashion suggests it was taken somewhere between 1900-1910. How lovely is her neckware?


The central woman’s gaze is so powerful directly down the camera lens. There is a sense of movement. The hammock, the hint of decorative pattern on the cushions. The dense bush dropping in and out of focus. Listen to the cicadas and cockatoos. Magic.

What is their story? Sometimes I write a whole story in my head looking at photos in my collection. They do make wonderful story prompts don’t you think?

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